Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner

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Shark NV501

The Shark NV501 Rotator Professional is an upright lift-away vacuum cleaner. It’s all you’ll need to vacuum the floors, furniture, and corners of a room. The Shark NV501 is a upright vacuum cleaner made with a white, light metallic grey plastic case, with red and black distinctive graphics. It has a clear plastic lift out debris canister to make emptying simple and easy.

Shark NV501 Professional Lift-AwayThe Shark NV501 can be used to vacuum hardwood floors, kitchen and bathroom floor tiles, and rugs. The debris canister rolls on two large and durable wheels for easy pushing throughout the room. There is a lift-away wand which takes a variety of attachments, and can be used to vacuum furniture, cushions, baseboards, corners, and the tops of shelves, cabinets, drapes, and more.

Shark has its patented “no loss of suction” slogan, which means that no matter how much the debris canister fills up, the vacuum cleaner will still retain the same effective vacuum cleaning power.

You’ll be able to see when the debris canister fills up, as it’s a clear plastic. It simply lifts out, and then you hold the container over a garbage bin and press a button on the bottom. It opens up and empties the debris. You can then wash the debris canister under the sink with dish soap and water, and then dry, before placing it back in its spot on the vacuum cleaner.

Shark has also made the Shark NV501 with an anti-allergen complete seal technology. It utilizes an internal HEPA filter, which is washable and can be reused. These filters can also be ordered extra, should you lose it, or need a new one.

Now there is simply no excuse to put off vacuuming a room.

A HEPA filter can screen out tiny particles as small as 0.3-0.5 microns, meaning that only fresh clean air comes out the end of the vacuum cleaner body. It will also trap 99.9% of the dust and allergens resident in your home. In the past, vacuum cleaners would spew out these allergens, and the person who was vacuuming the room would sniffle and sneeze. Now there is simply no excuse to put off vacuuming a room.

Shark NV501 Vacuum CleanerThe Shark NV501 Rotator Professional also has enhanced swivel steering. This means that the brush roll will move and rotate around the room. Not all Shark vacuums have swivel steering—the more inexpensive models don’t—and it’s highly recommended to ease the chore of vacuuming any room.

This Shark promises that it will have better suction power, and get out the debris that is deeply embedded into the carpet, whether it’s dirt, leaves, food crumbs, tiny pebbles, hair, or pet hair. This will make you feel more confident when walking barefoot across a clean carpet or rug after cleaning day.

Shark NV501 Ultra quiet technologyThe Shark Rotator is also lightweight, making vacuuming easier, and the back portion of the unit has wheels on it, making it easier to pull around the room when you choose to separate the wand from the brush roll.

Shark has also provided a convenient solution to the noisy vacuum cleaner. In the past parents would have to wait until the children were awake before vacuuming the room, or a spouse would have to wait until the other was awake, all due to vacuum cleaners being extremely noisy. But this vacuum cleaner is much quieter, so even if you have other people sleeping in the house, you’ll still be able to do your cleaning chores while they’re asleep.

The Shark NV501 Lift-Away vacuum cleaner also comes with some great attachments. There is a premium pet hair/fur cleaning attachment, and the wide pet upholstery tool to speed up the cleaning process. It will suction out the fur and pet hair that becomes embedded within chairs and couches. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of having a pet—pet fur everywhere! But now your cleaning chore will be much easier with the purchase of this vacuum cleaner.

It’s like having three vacuum cleaners in one!

Shark NV501 Extra-large capacity dust cupThere are also other cleaning accessories too. You’ll get a dusting brush to vacuum shelves, mantelpiece, tables, and tops of draperies. The 12” crevice tool will get out the dirt from the baseboards and the corners of the room, as well as around the legs of furniture. The nozzle on the Shark is a straight suction nozzle style.

This Shark vacuum cleaner is available for a good price around $200, which is a good deal since you won’t need to buy an additional handheld vac with the lift-away function of this vacuum cleaner. It’s like having three vacuum cleaners in one!

The Shark NV501 has excellent reviews online—most being 4.5 stars out of 5—after all, you can’t please everyone. The Shark Lift-Away Technology has been rated 5 stars in most consumer ratings. This vacuum cleaner is made in China, and weighs about fifteen pounds.

If you’ve been searching for a great vacuum cleaner, your search may end here. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning most apartments and small homes. If you have a larger house, you may opt for one of the larger and more expensive models of the Shark vacuum cleaner line to make cleaning much simpler. Your entire family will be pleased that this vacuum cleaner won’t disrupt the activities of the entire household either, and if you have allergic people in your house, they’re be able to breathe much easier.

Shark NV501 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV501 Vacuum Cleaner








        • - Extra-large capacity dust cup
        • - Ultra quiet technology
        • - Power nozzle with LED headlights
        • - Extra long 30 ft. long power cord
        • - Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA


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