Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

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Bissell 9595A upright

Bissell is one of the top makers of vacuum cleaners today. They have a great line of upright vacuum cleaners that’s meant to be affordable enough for most people to buy. The Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner is an upright vacuum cleaner made in a black plastic, with a clear plastic and purple topped dust and debris canister. It has a distinctive design that curves around the dust cup, with a long elongated handle to make vacuuming easier. When you buy a Bissell vacuum cleaner you’re buying more than an affordable machine, you’re buying their guaranteed suction power, and OnePass technology that promises to shorten your vacuuming chores.

Best Features of the Bissell 9595A Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell makes it easy for young or old to clean their home.

Bissell 9595ABissell provides a fast and simple way to clean the home. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, unlike the big heavy models of yesteryear. Manufacturers now understand that most people have difficulty with wrists or arms from working, and need a better way to clean at home. Everyone vacuums nowadays, so Bissell makes it easy for young or old to clean their home. Not only is this vacuum lightweight, but it also has powerful suction power.

The Bissell is designed with a special powered brush roll, so it can get deep down into the fibers of the carpet. This brush design rotates as it moves across the floor, and gets deep down into the fibers of the carpet. It will vacuum up more in the first pass than many other types of vacuum cleaners. If you have pets that shed a lot, or children who bring in a lot of dirt or leaves on their shoes, you’re going to enjoy how quickly this vacuum cleaner will make cleaning less of a chore.

Bissell 9595A Technology

Bissell technology eliminates going back and forth, which can wear out carpet and machine over time. Bissell calls this technology, “OnePass”. They have tested this vacuum cleaner, and determined that it does remove most surface debris based on a visual test.

The Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner can clean everything in the home.

Bissell 9595A vacuumBissell has the patented “Cyclonic System’ which gives the machine it’s powerful suction power. This cyclonic system will also prevent the machine or filter from clogging up with debris and slowing down, or losing suction power. Your vacuum will stay as powerful on it’s tenth vacuum as on the first when it started with an empty dust canister.

The Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner can clean everything in the home, from carpet, rugs, and stairs, to hardwood floors, tiled floors, linoleum, chairs, couches, tables, shelves, ceiling and corners of the room. Anything that the powered brush roll can’t clean can be cleaned by one of the attachment tools.

Other great features of the Bissell 9595A

Bissell 9595A vacuum cleanerThere are many attachments that come with the Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner. There is the turbo brush tool which is just the right size to clean stairs, furniture, small rugs, cushions, and other types of upholstery.

The main powered brush roll has a width of 13.5 inches, providing a wide field that effectively sucks up dust and debris. When vacuuming on carpets or rugs, there are five different height adjustments.

The wand detaches from the main powered brush roll, and a variety of attachments, such as a small power brush can be attached. This combination can clean all rooms and surfaces in the home.

Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaningThe extension wand can also be detached from the main part of the machine, in case you need it to clean cobwebs from the corners of the room. The hose is also twist and snap, so you can easily remove it to add one of the other cleaning attachments.

The dusting brush is useful to dust shelves and books and can also be used as an upholstery brush, while the crevice tool is perfect for cleaning along baseboards and in the nooks and crannies of chairs and couches. The smaller turbo brush tool will help to vacuum up pet hair that is normally hard to remove from chairs. It can also be used for stairs.

Bissell 9595A lightweightThe power cord wraps around the body of the vacuum cleaner, as a power rewind is in more expensive models of the Bissell vacuum cleaner line. The cord on the Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner measures twenty-five feet, which should be enough to vacuum most of a ground floor home.

The dust cup can be easily pulled out of the front of the machine. To empty it, simply hold it over the trash bin and press the button on the bottom. It has a bottom open system. This opens to empty the debris. The canister can be wiped out with a damp cloth, and then easily snaps into place for another round of vacuuming. The whole debris canister can also be cleaned under running water, even with dish soap and then wiped dry.

This is perfect for people who like to keep things clean. Even the filter is washable. It’s made from foam. There is also a multi level filter in addition to the foam tank filter, to provide additional levels of filtration. The dust cup can hold up to 2.27 liters of dust and debris before it needs to be emptied.

 Bissell 9595A Pricing

This vacuum cleaner is affordably priced around $80, and you will rarely find another one with all these features at this price point.

Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum SH20030The entire vacuum cleaner weighs fifteen pounds, which places it in the lightweight vacuum cleaner category. The Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner comes with a limited two year warranty. This vacuum cleaner measures 31.5 inches by 14.63 inches by 10.75 inches when the wand and tube are attached to the brush roll.

Inside the box you’ll receive the Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner, a twist and snap hose, the extension wand, a dusting brush and upholstery tool, the crevice tool, and the turbo brush tool.

To compare this vacuum cleaner to others in the Bissell line, you’ll want to examine features. The Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner does not have swivel steering, or a cord rewind. There are also fewer attachments and no extra filters. The speed of the brush roll can’t be changed, nor the suction power. If you can give these features a miss, you can still take advantage of the great price of this vacuum cleaner. If not, you can go the next step up to a higher priced model of Bissell vacuum cleaner.

Overall, most people who are on a budget will love the Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner, for its features and its price. The two year warranty backs up the vacuum cleaner in the event that it’s defective in materials or workmanship, so you really can’t go wrong should you decide to choose the Bissell 9595A vacuum cleaner to clean all rooms of your home.

Bissell 9595A Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 9595A Vacuum Cleaner








        • - Turbobrush Tool
        • - Washable Filter
        • - Easy Empty Dirt Cup
        • - Unique Brush System


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